Aspen Ridge Natural Beef

Our Aspen Ridge Natural Beef Story

Our Aspen Ridge Natural Beef Story

Welcome to the fork in the road.

When developing Aspen Ridge®, there were two routes we could take. We decided not to take the easiest, fastest or least expensive route. We decided to take the best because it’s the only way to produce premium beef with unprecedented flavor and consistency.

The Aspen Ridge brand originated by first examining the entire process of raising cattle. Then, we employed best practices at each step in order to produce the finest, most wholesome beef.

It all starts with genetics.

We take pride in the verified Angus genetics of Aspen Ridge Natural Beef. We have aligned with farms and ranchers who follow our strict genetic, feeding and handling protocols. All Aspen Ridge cattle are source and age verified back to their birth ranch in the U.S. When this breed is raised naturally, fed properly and cared for humanely, the results are consistently astounding.

We rely on family-owned, U.S. farms and ranches.

We appreciate the dedicated partnerships we’ve formed with family-owned farms and ranches that provide an environment where cattle are pasture-raised, allowing them to mature naturally. Plus, all animal handling practices are third party validated, resulting in all Aspen Ridge products carrying the Certified Humane designation. It requires that all animals have ample space, access to food, water and shelter and are handled gently to minimize stress.

You’ll appreciate the path we chose.



We control the quality of our beef from the ranch on. In fact, no one can claim a shorter or straighter line process. It’s natural. We maintain an uncompromising commitment to food safety. We take innovative steps to be responsible stewards of the land. And most of all, we produce superior beef.

  • Sourced; born and raised solely in the U.S.
  • Exclusive; harvested at JBS-owned facility
  • Consistent; the same natural process every time
  • Sustainable; minimal carbon footprint

Our natural approach produces the very best beef.


An Exceptional, Natural Beef


An Exceptional, Natural Beef

As you can tell, we're dedicated to the path we've chosen for producing our beef. Learn why that path is truly natural.