According to the USDA, there is no evidence to suggest that food produced in the United States can transmit COVID-19. Learn about food safety during the COVID-19 crisis and how to properly store, prepare, and cook your beef purchases.

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How Small Menus and Premium Beef Cuts Help Restaurants Cut Down on Food Waste

With the simplicity and profitability that menu redesign can bring, the restaurant industry’s trend toward smaller menus has been on the rise for some time now. Smaller menus can create efficiencies in preparation, lower labor costs, and eliminate “choice paralysis,”

How to Boost Your Specialty Meat Sales: Marketing Natural Angus, Wagyu, and Prime Beef

The demand for specialty meats has been on the rise for several years due to growing consumer interest in clean eating, animal welfare, and environmentally friendly practices. In its 2021 Power of Meat report, the FMI Foundation for Meat and Poultry Research and Education shared that 5 out of 10 shoppers seek antibiotic-free products,

Menu Inspiration for Natural Angus Beef | Sides, Toppers, & More

Serving Natural Angus Beef in your restaurant offers a host of benefits, from attracting new patrons to creating upselling occasions for add-ons, beverages, and desserts. But, one of the most exciting advantages is the opportunity for menu innovation. With a new,

Post-COVID-19 Foodservice Predictions, and How to Create a Great “First” Impression

The foodservice industry has experienced no shortage of challenges as a result of the pandemic, and the question of how to fully reopen safely—in a way that both follows regulations and replicates pre-pandemic times—is perhaps the biggest one.

Meat Trends in 2020: What Retailers Should Know Going into 2021

“If 2020 was about [grocers] quickly responding to a public health disaster, the theme for 2021 promises to be strategically managing their gains for long-term growth,” assert writers at The Grocery Dive, based on industry research. “Instead of retooling their supply chains to keep pace with record demand,

The Demand for Specialty Meat Products is Increasing. Here’s What it Means for Your Store.

Consumers now have more choices than ever to navigate at the grocery store, especially when it comes to meat products—not only are they deciding between types of proteins, but also between cuts, from the service counter vs. pre-packaged, fresh vs.

Offering Pre-packaged Meals in Your Meat Case? Use These Sides with Natural Angus Beef

Following the advent of meal kit subscription services, many retailers have introduced their own private label take-home meals for shoppers. Pre-packaged meals are a valuable opportunity for retailers and customers alike—Progressive Grocer notes that in-store meal kits offer consumers convenience and ease of preparation without the commitment required with a subscription service.

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