Unmatched Flavor From Beef Raised The Natural Way

We developed Aspen Ridge® Natural Angus beef because we believe you and your family deserve fresh, nutritious food without exception. So, we partner with American family farms to source Angus cattle with no antibiotics or added hormones. From sourcing to packaging, Aspen Ridge has one mission – to bring you the finest beef eating experience in the world, every single time.

Once you experience its simple excellence, you’ll see why so many people keep coming back to Aspen Ridge – the beef you’ll crave by name.

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Natural Angus beef, it all starts with genetics

We take pride in the verified Angus genetics of our cattle. Our ranchers follow strict genetic, feeding, and handling protocols, and all Aspen Ridge cattle are source and age verified back to their birth ranch in the U.S.

Plus, all animal handling practices are third party validated, designating all Aspen Ridge cattle as Certified Humane®. This designation requires that animals have ample space, access to food, water, and shelter, and are handled gently to minimize stress.

When this breed is raised Naturally, fed properly and cared for humanely, the results are consistently astounding.