Unparalleled USDA Prime and Choice Angus Beef

Aspen Ridge® Natural Angus Beef provides what few programs can in one package: quality, consistency, and an exceptional eating experience. Offering a full line of Prime and Choice Natural Angus products, Aspen Ridge meets the dynamic needs of our customers and consumers alike. From roasts to steaks to ground beef, our product offering delivers the finest beef eating experience—every single time.

Verified Angus genetics and the emphasis placed on the care and handling of our animals ensures our products are tender and rich in flavor. The Angus breed has developed a reputation for providing unmatched tenderness and quality. With Natural marbling contributing to an exceptional eating experience, our third-party verification program garners Aspen Ridge products as Certified Humane®, further contributing to quality and making Aspen Ridge a Natural fit for tables across the world.

Consistently grading as USDA Prime and Choice

Measuring quality, marbling, and more, the top USDA beef quality grades are indicators of a delicious eating experience. Tender and well-marbled, Aspen Ridge Natural Angus beef consistently produces a larger percentage of beef within USDA Prime and Choice grades, consistently providing consumers with high-quality, mouthwatering products.

Aspen Ridge Beef
Conventional Beef
11.36 %
2-3 %

72.4 %
45-55 %

80-95 %
47-58 %

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Always premium, however you enjoy it.

Retail shoppers remember the difference of Aspen Ridge Natural Angus Beef.
Foodservice pros appreciate a superior plate presentation.
Mouthwatering recipes that your family will love.