delicious beef cold weather comfort food on table next to herbs

5 Recipes to Beef Up Cold Weather Comfort Food

Nov 8, 2022

As temperatures dip, leaves fall, and snow starts to swirl, customers will be reaching for comfort food classics. Many of these beloved meals feature beef, the ultimate ingredient for rich flavor.

But 94% of shoppers say they’re concerned about inflation this season, making more affordable dishes a must.[1] We have just what shoppers want: five easy, cost-effective comfort food recipes that make the most of Natural Angus Beef cuts.

1. Slow Cooker Pot Roast

slow cooker pot roast with herbs and vegetables

Despite inflation worries, 72% of shoppers say they can’t imagine giving up the taste of beef.[2] This slow cooker pot roast recipe will put those worries to rest, turning a three-pound Aspen Ridge chuck roast, herbs, and vegetables into a nutritious, filling dish that serves eight. After a quick sear, the chuck roast is added to the slow cooker with veggies, beef broth, Worcestershire, wine, and seasonings. 6-8 hours later, your customers will have fork-tender beef ideal for cozy days at home.

2. Beef Bourguignon

french bacon beef bourguigon

This French beef dish has been a staple for families since the 1800s. It’s the perfect marriage of wholesome ingredients and great flavor—and is deceptively simple to make. First, bacon is cooked until crisp, stew meat is seared, and root vegetables are sautéed. Your customers will then make a simple sauce in the same pan using tomato paste, wine, and beef broth. Finally, the beef and bacon are added back to the pan to braise before topping the meat with sautéed mushrooms and pearl onions. Serve over mashed potatoes, rice, or noodles, and voilà!

3. Winter Thyme and Chuck Stew

Winter Thyme and Chuck Stew

When talking about comfort food, you can’t go wrong with beef and potatoes. Specifically, Natural Angus Beef and Yukon gold potatoes because these special attributes matter. In fact, although inflation is top-of-mind, 68% of shoppers say they purchase beef with production claims.[2] Aspen Ridge is Natural, a product of the USA, and raised without antibiotics or added hormones—ever, providing many of the attributes shoppers request.

Your customers will love this winter stew recipe that uses a flavorful two-pound Natural Angus chuck roast, garlic, onion, bacon, tomatoes, thyme, carrots, and tender Yukon gold potatoes.

4. Beef Chili

beef chili comfort food in white bowl

Cold weather is synonymous with chili, a true American classic. It’s so popular that there are thousands of recipes all claiming that a secret ingredient makes all the difference. Well, we don’t gatekeep comfort food! Our not-secret ingredients for delicious chili are cocoa powder for depth of flavor and mayonnaise for creaminess.

Did you know? There are over 10 million posts that use the hashtag #comfortfood on Instagram. Share this easy comfort food recipe on your social media channels and inspire your customers to try it themselves this season.

5. Beef Chuck Stroganoff with Creamy Mushroom Pepper Sauce

beef chuck stroganoff with creamy mushroom pepper sauce

We saved our favorite for last. Our 30-minute stroganoff recipe is rich, creamy, and simple enough for busy weeknights. Your customers will reach for this comfort food classic after school, on chilly weekends, and when guests come to visit.

Our Natural Angus chuck roll is accompanied by mushrooms, onion, garlic, red wine, beef broth, rosemary, thyme, sour cream, and Dijon mustard. The beef and its savory sauce are served over egg noodles and topped with fresh parsley. In other words, everyone will want second helpings.

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