How Case-Ready Natural Angus Beef Sets Your Meat Case Apart

Aug 17, 2020

Consumer demand for meat is increasing, especially in the wake of COVID-19. According to the Food Industry Association’s 2020 The Power of Meat study, 81% of consumers say “meat eater” is the best way to describe how they eat today. Beef, in particular, is dominating meat department sales, with $26 billion sold in 2019 and a continued uptrend in 2020.

However, consumers aren’t looking for just any beef products—the study shows their purchasing behaviors are highly influenced by product attributes, nutritional benefits, confidence in preparation, and more. In fact, 5 out of 10 shoppers seek out antibiotic-free, no added hormones, and Natural products.

Given these facts, the door of opportunity is open to re-evaluate your meat department offerings and reach consumers who want to know more about how their beef was raised and the benefits it has to offer. Carrying pre-portioned and packaged Natural beef products is a great way to diversify your meat case and reach these consumers. Here’s why.

1. It shows consumers you’re prioritizing food safety—and their health.

Today, more than ever before, consumers have a heightened awareness of food safety and are more concerned about their health than in the past, partially due to COVID-19. They have come to see grocery stores as allies in health and wellness. According to the Food Industry Association’s U.S. Grocery Shopper’s Trends 2020 study, consumers have generally viewed grocery stores (their “primary” store in particular) as sharing responsibility for helping them stay healthy. In February of 2020, 51% of consumers viewed their primary store as “on their side” for staying healthy, and 43% viewed food stores in general as such. In just a month and a half (mid-April 2020), those numbers jumped to 62% and 61%. Consumers are clearly looking to retailers not only to provide healthy, safe products, but a healthy and safe shopping environment. Case ready beef supports this growing demand by providing elevated food safety. Case-ready Aspen Ridge® Natural Angus Beef is processed and packaged at a single facility under USDA supervision at the peak of freshness. With 43% of consumers believing the USDA is responsible for ensuring healthy products, retailers who offer Aspen Ridge net weight products show consumers that they care about those expectations and their consumers’ health.

2. It helps you meet consumer demand for specialty beef products.

With changing consumer awareness of production practices, many consumers seek out brands producing Natural products and provide transparency about their processes. The 2020 Power of Meat study shows that a high number of shoppers are gravitating toward “free-from” and “all-Natural” claims.

According to the study, shoppers looking for these products tend to have above-average incomes and also spent more on convenience purchases.

Minimally processed and raised Naturally without antibiotics or added hormones, Aspen Ridge products can help boost your basket sales by appealing to these consumers. Claims-based beef sales are up 3.9% since the previous year, accounting for $1.5 billion in sales. Case-ready Aspen Ridge beef features attractive, branded packaging that makes product attributes and claims more prominent, making it easy for consumers to find the premium, healthy, Natural products they’re looking for.

3. It helps build consumer confidence in cooking and trying new products.

The U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2020 report shows that 40% of consumers are cooking more of their meals at home, and 20% are trying new dishes more often. This change is largely the result of COVID-19; however, a new survey reveals the cooking at home trend is “here to stay” as consumers show a preference for homecooked meals.

Case-ready Aspen Ridge beef presents a crucial opportunity for empowering consumers who are increasingly cooking meals at home—not only are the products consistently portioned and easily identifiable, but they also include preparation instructions. Additionally, consumers are directed to Aspen Ridge social channels for further prep tips, cooking methods, and meal inspiration.

These products also support consumers seeking new cooking experiences. 92% of consumers have an interest in trying something different when it comes to meat cuts, and large numbers of consumers are adding new appliances such as Instant Pots (55%) and sous vide machines (31%) to their kitchens (Power of Meat 2020). Vacuum-sealed and individually packaged, Aspen Ridge Natural Beef products can appeal to consumers looking for new beef cuts or dishes to try.

For today’s consumers, ‘cooking well’ ultimately embodies the desire to balance pleasure, health, and convenience. – U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends 2020

Providing your customers with Aspen Ridge Natural Angus beef shows you care about their health as well as their interests. Get in touch with us to learn more about how Aspen Ridge net weight products can benefit your bottom line and help you build consumer loyalty or learn more about our case-ready products.