sides to serve with natural angus beef

Menu Inspiration for Natural Angus Beef | Sides, Toppers, & More

May 20, 2021

Serving Natural Angus Beef in your restaurant offers a host of benefits, from attracting new patrons to creating upselling occasions for add-ons, beverages, and desserts. But, one of the most exciting advantages is the opportunity for menu innovation. With a new, premium beef product, you and your chefs get the chance to experiment with new dishes and offerings to wow your guests.

While beef can be the hero of any meal on its own, there are endless ways to complement its mouthwatering flavors and deliver an exceptional experience to your guests. If you’re wondering where to start, we recommend some of these side dishes and pairing ideas from the Aspen Ridge® team and our featured chefs!

The Classics: Asparagus and Mushrooms (Pair with Natural New York Strip)

You can’t go wrong with asparagus, mushrooms, and a perfectly seared New York strip steak. Light sides complement this flavorful cut and add color for an attractive presentation. Combine with rosemary, garlic, or balsamic to create that perfect bite.

asparagus and mushrooms paired with natural angus new york strip

Love these ingredients? Check out this recipe by Davy, one of our featured home chefs (@loveinmybelly).

For the Health Conscious: Succotash, Eggplant Fries, or Okra (Pair with Natural Angus Skirt Steak)

Natural and premium beef consumers tend to be more health-conscious with higher-than-average incomes, and consumers generally have a heightened interest in healthy eating following the COVID-19 pandemic. Lean cuts of beef like Skirt or Sirloin Steak paired with unique vegetable choices and medleys go a long way in both flavor and nutrition—and provide your guests with specialty items that set you apart from the rest.

Tapas eggplant fried in oil

Sweet and Savory: Bosc Pears, Stone Fruits, and Plum (Pair with Natural Chuck Roast)

Great for an autumn-inspired main course, roast beef with mild fruits makes for the perfect combination of sweet and savory that can be enjoyed at any time of year—and makes for a restaurant-level twist on an item customers might make in their own kitchens. Check out this recipe for Balsamic Beef with Pears, courtesy of Britney Breaks Bread, for ideas on seasonings and more.

bosc pears with natural angus chuck roast

International Inspirations: Korean and Japanese Flavors (Pair with Flap Steak or Short Rib)

Whether international eats are your specialty or your menu gravitates toward classic steakhouse dishes, adding around-the-world-inspired flavors is a great way to spice up your menu. Beef is a long-time favorite for Korean and Japanese dishes and pairs well with chili garlic sauce, soy, and sesame flavors.

Check out our exclusive recipe for Shabu Shabu or Korean Steaks with Grilled Kimchi and Broccolini for ingredient and spice ideas. 

korean flap steak with broccoli lime

Toppers for Natural Beef Steaks

Have your sides down but want and add a touch of flavor or a beverage to suggest? You don’t have to feel limited to mushrooms, garlic, or onions (though they’re classics for a reason). Switch it up with chimichurri, blue cheese basil butter, or béarnaise.

Suggest These Beverage Pairings for Natural Angus Beef Dishes

A light beer always goes well with steak. For wine pairings, our featured chef Amar Santana recommends a lush Cabernet from Napa or a dry one from Oregon, an Italian Barolo, or Spanish Tempranillo from Ribera del Duero.

Want more menu inspiration ideas or information about adding Natural beef to your menu?

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