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What are the Advantages of Natural Angus Beef?

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Packed with flavor, protein, and other essential nutrients, beef is a longtime favorite for dinners, special occasions, grill outs, and gatherings. Now, we have more qualities than ever to choose from when it comes to beef—grass-fed, Natural, Angus, and Wagyu, for example, each with their own unique benefits. In this blog, we’ll share everything you need to know about Natural* Angus beef, and what Aspen Ridge does differently to result in the mouthwatering flavors for which it’s so well-known.

But first, what is Natural Angus beef?

Let’s break it down. The basic, USDA definition of “Natural” is minimally processed, with no artificial ingredients added. “Angus” refers to a breed of cattle known for producing meat with abundant marbling (intramuscular flecks of fat that add flavor and juiciness) and a tender texture. When “Natural” is mentioned, we’re referring to the practices used to raise the cattle and produce the beef. At Aspen Ridge, we take it a step further. To us, “Natural” also means no added hormones or antibiotics, Certified Humane® methods, and strict feeding practices (although the USDA doesn’t require these qualities for beef to be considered Natural). “Natural Angus” refers to Angus beef that has been raised and produced using these Natural practices.

So, what are the benefits of Natural Angus beef? 

Choosing Natural Angus beef means that you can experience everything you love about beef—and feel good about eating it. Here are just a few of the advantages to consider when looking for the perfect beef for your next meal.

Unmatched Flavor from Angus Genetics and Natural Practices

Natural beef includes no artificial ingredients, and programs like Aspen Ridge ensure cattle are fed a vegetarian diet with no animal byproducts. And, our beef is sourced from cattle leveraging verified Angus genetics that are renowned for producing quality beef. Bringing these two qualities together results in a premium product that provides the finest beef eating experience in the world.

In fact, by sourcing cattle with verifiable Angus genetics and raising them Naturally, we’ve found our products consistently grade as Prime and Choice on the USDA Beef Quality Grading Scale. USDA Prime and Choice are the top beef quality grades, which are determined using factors such as the prevalence of marbling and age of cattle at harvest. The high amounts of marbling result in a tender bite and juicier flavor, meaning you won’t need more than salt and pepper to enjoy the rich, beefy flavors.

Key Nutrients and Protein

Beyond flavor, Natural Angus beef also offers plenty of nutrients solidifying its place in a healthy, complete diet. In just one 3 oz. serving, Natural Angus beef provides over half of your Daily Value of protein, as well as 10 other essential nutrients, including B vitamins, zinc, and phosphorus, helping to keep you feeling satiated and nourished. And, you can enjoy Natural beef with these healthy sides to add to the delectable flavors and nutritiousness.

Humane and Sustainable Beef Production

Beef programs committed to Natural, humane, and sustainable practices create a wholesome source of protein for you and your family. At Aspen Ridge, our cattle are raised on family farms by dedicated ranchers using Certified Humane® methods. Our ranchers work hard to ensure above-industry standards for animal treatment and provide an environment conducive to the animals’ natural behaviors that helps minimize stress.

Beyond our Natural and humane practices, producing Natural Angus beef sustainably is one of our central areas of focus. Aspen Ridge is part of the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef Production (USRSB) an initiative developed for improving the sustainability of the beef industry.

The USRSB has several priorities, including:

  • Animal Health and Well-Being
  • Efficiency and Yield
  • Water Resources
  • Land Resources
  • Air and Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  • Employee Safety and Well-Being

Additionally, JBS Foods, which includes Aspen Ridge, has committed to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. This commitment includes reducing direct emissions at our facilities, investing in carbon emissions reduction, eliminating deforestation, using renewable energy, and ensuring accountability. It’s through methods like these that Aspen Ridge gives back to the planet that helps produce the beef that feeds the world.

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In a nutshell, Natural Angus beef is beef at its finest.

With top-notch raising practices and quality genetics, Natural Angus beef is a premium product you can feel good about eating—and impress your guests. Whether you’re looking for a mouthwatering steak for a treat-yourself dinner, sitting down with your family, or entertaining friends, Aspen Ridge beef offers a trustworthy, wholesome, and delicious choice.

Where to Find Natural Angus Beef

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* Natural is defined as minimally processed, with no artificial ingredients.