Natural Angus Beef A Healthy Option for any Occasion

Natural Angus Beef: A Healthy Option for Any Occasion

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Maybe you’re hosting friends and family, picnicking at the park, or getting ready for dinner with your spouse. You want nutritious meal choices, but you don’t want to sacrifice good taste.

Beef—particularly roasts, steaks, and other premium cuts—has been a traditional choice for holidays, special occasions, and dinners. But, beef doesn’t have to be reserved solely for special dinners. Nourishing and delicious, Natural Angus beef is a flavorful, healthy addition to any eating occasion at any time of the day. Read on for details!

The Nutritional Benefits of Beef

Whether you’re looking to start off the day with a powerful breakfast or add a filling snack to your afternoon, beef packs a punch when it comes to protein, vitamins, and minerals. One 3-ounce serving provides 10 key nutrients that are important for building muscle, energy, bones, and teeth. The nutrients in beef help protect your body’s cells from damage, and they also support energy production and your metabolism.

Nutritional Benefits of Angus Beef

Beef is also one of the strongest sources of protein, offering over half of your Daily Value in just 3 ounces, with a smaller calorie count than many other foods. And, contrary to previous misconceptions of beef, new research shows that eating lean beef as part of a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can support heart health and help maintain normal cholesterol levels.

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Premium Natural beef products offer a way to add quality, nutritious meals to your diet. Raised Certified Humane® and with no added hormones or antibiotics ever, Aspen Ridge® Natural Angus beef products provide nourishing, exceptional eating experiences for you and your family at any meal.

Add Natural Angus beef to any of these occasions for a nutritional boost—and pull out a chair to fine dining at home.

A Dose of Nostalgia: Try a Natural Angus Chuck Roast

While there are plenty of non-traditional occasions (we’ll get to those in a minute) that call for beef, we can’t forget about the tried-and-true beef roast dinner. Recreate your favorite family pot roast recipe or give it your own added touch for the next generation to enjoy.

If you’re having trouble remembering grandma’s secret ingredient or just the right beef roast cooking time, try out this recipe for Aspen Ridge Chuck Roll Roast (hint: the secret ingredient in this one is wine).

Natural Angus Chuck Roast

Taco Tuesday: Try Natural Angus Sirloin Flap Steaks

Versatile and flavorful, ground beef is often the go-to for tacos. If you’re looking for variety and a relatively lean, Natural option for taco night, Aspen Ridge sirloin flap steak provides a flavorful, protein-packed option. Cut into strips and pair with corn tortillas, avocados, cabbage, and other favorite toppings for a memorable meal with your family (or a treat yourself night).

Try our recipe to switch up your Taco Tuesday: Flap Steak Tacos with Chipotle Cream.

Wine Wednesday: Add Natural Angus Filet Mignon Tenderloin

Another favorite day of the week! But, Wednesdays aren’t just for wine. In fact, the right wine brings out some of the best flavors in beef, which means adding a light dinner with top-quality beef to your Wine Wednesday can easily take your meal to the next level.

Pair Aspen Ridge beef tenderloin with a refreshing salad and your favorite red, and you’ll be good to go! Try this recipe for Beef Tenderloin Cobb Salad.

Beef Tenderloin Cobb Salad

Beach BBQ: Try Natural Angus Hanger Steak

With plenty of cuts to choose from and consistently exceptional marbling, Natural Angus beef makes an excellent choice for any grill-out or barbecue. But, if you’re heading to the beach with family or friends and firing up the park grill, adding fun, fresh beef dishes is a good, healthy way to change things up. And, pre-portioned Aspen Ridge beef products make it easy to take your favorite beef cuts along with you!

Natural Angus Hanger Steak Sandwich

Check out our tips for the perfect beef barbecue or try this recipe for easy Hanger Steak Subs with Pickled Slaw.

Game Day: Try Natural Angus Flank Steak

There are plenty of appetizers to choose from when you’re hosting friends for game day. Adding easy, tasty beef bites to your finger foods menu is one way to impress your guests while also having a healthy option available.

Angus Flank Steak Lettuce Wraps

Lettuce wraps aren’t only perfect for low-carb diets, they’re also an excellent pairing for flank steak and offer a build-your-own experience. Try Flank Steak Thai Beef Lettuce Wraps for an Asian twist on lettuce wraps for your next game day.

Ladies Lunch: Try Natural Angus Strip Loin

A healthy, high-quality lunch doesn’t have to come from a restaurant or be difficult to prepare. With the right recipe, you can create a restaurant-level, mouthwatering dish in your own kitchen that you and your friends can bond over—and avoid the afternoon slump.

Natural Angus Strip Loin - Korean Steak

Aspen Ridge strip loin is the perfect choice for a filling, nutritious lunch. This recipe for Korean Steaks features grilled kimchi and broccolini—offering fresh flavors and topped with lime. Pair with a light beer for a refreshing lunch happy hour.

Salt, Pepper, Eat, Repeat

Don’t have time to prep a full meal? Aspen Ridge products provide exceptional marbling, meaning you don’t really need special seasonings to bring out the full flavors of the beef. Just add salt and pepper to your favorite cut of Aspen Ridge Natural Angus beef and grill, pan fry, or cook sous vide for optimum flavor.

Want more information on our products? Get more recipes, check out our other blog posts, or contact us. Happy eating!